Envirosure 100 Loss Of Air Alarm Kit

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Charles Austen Envirosure 100 Loss Of Air Alarm Kit. Ideal for use on packaged sewage treatment plants where it is essential to know if a system fails.  

The low cost alarm provides a sonorous buzzer if there is a pressure drop in the system. Can be run by battery or mains supply

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Charles Austen
Weight 0.60 kg

Key Features

  • Envirosure - detects aeration pump failures or power cuts immediately.
  • Eco Technology - compact, lightweight with low power consumption, minimal running costs.
  • Multiple variants - options include bright LED beacon, plug-in or hardwire.
  • Versatile installation - installs in minutes with quick fit install kit ideal for retrofit use.
  • Meets legislation - avoiding enviromental hazards and fines.