Secoh JDK 100 Air Pump

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A direct replacement for the defunct Secoh EL series range. The new JDK range of Secoh blowers has been introduced to offer the end user a financial gain in reduced power consumption (up to 48%). This makes Secoh’s JDK-Series the most power efficient blowers on the market. The new auto-stopper design overcomes application issues ”like offset magnets” through its ability to help guide the magnet, maintaining a central position, even when the diaphragms become fatigued through over pressurisation, or when changing diaphragms.

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Secoh
Flow 95.0 l /min @ 0.20 bar
Voltage 230
Width 254 mm
Height 177 mm
Depth 176 mm
Power Consumption 76 W
Weight 6.50 kg

Key Features

  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • High Durability construction with less temperature rise, longer cycle life
  • Energy Saving (Low power consumption up to 30%)
  • New Auto-stopper design (Prevents magnet offset)
  • Uniform spare parts (Modular design means the JDK-Series use the same parts)
  • Easy maintenance (No magnet spacers necessary when changing diaphragms)
  • Designed for European Application Pressure (200-250mbar)
  • Service light (Complies with EN12566)
  • Signal cable option