Top 5 Causes for Toilet Flushing Problems

Do you have problems with your toilet? It can be extremely troublesome when you can’t flush it properly, and there are all manner of reasons why it can occur. Here are some solutions to the most common problems.

toilet flush

“I can’t get the toilet to flush at all.”

If your flush operates by use of a handle and the handle is completely loose, it’s probably broken. You’ll need a replacement part to fix it. However if you lift the top off the cistern you can probably raise the arm inside to continue flushing the toilet until you get the replacement. It’s not the ideal solution but as a temporary measure it works just fine.

“I can constantly hear running water in the toilet”

toilet cistern

This means the flush valve isn’t closing to provide a seal as it should do. There are a number of reasons for this. For instance the chain needs to be the right length to let the arm settle into its proper place to close the valve. If it is too short, it won’t work properly. Flush the toilet with the lid of the cistern off and see what happens. This will enable you to see whether the valve closes fully or not – and what is stopping it from doing so.

“The tank seems to take ages to fill”

It could be the float isn’t working properly. Alternatively it might be due to a blockage in the pipe. However one of the more common problems is that the shut-off valve is partly closed. In this case simply turn it so it is fully open and see what happens. You might just have found a quick solution!

“The toilet is blocked”

blocked toilet

You’ll need a plunger to try and shift whatever is blocking it. It might take several attempts to shift. If this doesn’t work hot water poured carefully into the toilet can shift it, but never use boiling water and take care when doing it so it doesn’t splash on you. If this doesn’t work you might want to consider getting a limescale cleaner in case this is the problem. This only tends to occur in older toilets that haven’t been cleaned to get rid of limescale on a regular basis.

“I can see water on the floor around the tank”

In this situation it’s worth checking when it happens. There are occasions when the water in the tank can be colder than the bathroom. This causes condensation and in severe cases it can simply drip off the tank and hit the floor. If this is the cause you’ll also notice the flush mechanism works just fine.

If it happens all the time and there seems to be less water in the tank than there should be, your tank has a leak. Check around the tank for obvious leaks – you may only have to tighten a loose nut or bolt to solve the issue. Alternatively it might be a leaky washer that needs replacing.

As you can see there are solutions – and many of them are pretty easy to try.