My Domestic Treatment Plant Isn't Working, Can I Repair It Myself?

If you suspect that your Sewage Treatment Plant is no longer working correctly, then you may like to call a service engineer out to investigate. This would always be our first recommendation, as our G&G Pumps engineers have over 150 years combined industry knowledge and will deal with the problem swiftly and safely.

However, if you would rather attempt to fix/locate the problem yourselves, then here are some handy hints and tips as to what you might try.

Treatment PlantCheck the power supply! As Domestic Treatment Plants require a power supply to function, it may be that the power supply has failed. Signs that power has failed, could include the lack of any warning lights or no sound coming from your Sewage Treatment Plant. Our engineers have the relevant electrical qualifications if you are unsure.

If the power supply is working, then move on to the next check.

Lowara DOC RangeDoes your STP have a Final Effluent pump? A final effluent pump is usually responsible for lifting effluent from a drain to a shallow soakaway or pumping a short distance to a river or outlet pipe in a ditch. A sign of a failed Final Effluent Pump is flood around the location of the STP and your toilets may also back up. Suggested replacement options available on our website include the Lowara Doc 3 and Lowara Doc 7. Typically you would require a qualified engineer to replace these but you want to purchase them in advance of the engineers visit, you might save yourself money.

Charles Austen ET60 Linear Diaphragm PumpHas the Air blower in the STP failed? Air Blowers are responsible for the oxygen supply for the biomass. The biomass comprises the bacteria that utilise the dissolved oxygen to digest organic matter in the sewage. A sign of a failed blower is a strong foul smell from the treatment plant, lack of noise from the blower, or absence of any air bubbles present in the effluent.

Blowers are consumable items, over time they may cease to function due to a number of reasons. Wear and tear, overheating, water damage and power surges could all cause an Air Blower to fail, as a consequence, with no oxygen supply the biomass will die and the plant will no longer be treating effluent, which would give rise to smell and failure to meet the consented discharge standards.

Secoh JDK 60 Air PumpWe offer three models of air pump, and they are all compatible and interchangeable.

For example the Charles Austen ET60 is equivalent to the Secoh JDK 60 which is equivalent to the Nitto LA-60B.

All models have parts in them, which if replaced, could solve your problem. We sell service kits and diaphragms for all the models on the market. Here are some examples of service kits for the ET80, JDK 80 and Nitto LA-80B models.

Nitto LA-60B Air BlowerIf the Blower is working correctly, but you are still having problems with your Sewage Treatment Plant, then check the Soakaway/Rising Main, if you suspect these are blocked, not functioning correctly. Then your best option would be to call out an engineer/consultant to investigate the problem. Over time a soakaway can fail due to changing ground conditions, like this winter with excessive rain and rising ground water.

We hope this helps! Remember, if you have any concerns you can contact our highly experienced staff on 01270 759270.