Lowara Submersible Dirty Water Pumps

Lowara is a leading brand in the world of submersible dirty water pumps. However with a wide range of pumps available it can be a good idea to compare them prior to making your purchase. We compare five leading models here to see what they have to offer.

Lowara DOC 3SG/A

Lowara DOC 3SG/AThis is a relatively basic pump available for a competitive price. However don’t let the price fool you – it is still capable of performing all manner of tasks. Designed for residential use, it can help drain flood water after heavy rain. The pump can handle pumping from both inside and outside a property, making it an essential purchase for anyone in a flood-affected zone.

Lowara DOC 7 GT Pump

Lowara DOC 7 GT PumpThis is a good value pump that can be used in a wide variety of residential situations. It can be used to drain flooded homes after bad weather, not to mention being used for garden irrigation. Added protection from thermal overload is also provided to ensure the pump doesn’t burn out if the flow of water should stop. It can also handle drainage of sump pits as well as transferring water from a storage tank for use elsewhere.

Lowara DOMO 7/B Pump

Lowara DOMO 7/B PumpThis is a multi-purpose pump that can cope with extensive industrial use. It can also handle waste water containing solids and effluent matter. It is powerful enough to empty sumps and septic tanks in residential situations too, as well as being good to have on hand in situations where flooding occurs.

Lowara DOMO 10/B Pump

Lowara DOMO 10/B PumpThis is a more advanced version of the 7/B pump mentioned above. As such it can handle a larger size of suspended solid, coping with a maximum of 50mm as opposed to 35mm in the previous model. It is also ideal for both residential and industrial use in a variety of situations. For example it can be used to empty anything from a residential sump to an industrial-sized tank. As is the case with the 7/B version it is also capable of pumping out water from flooded areas and homes if the need should arise.

Lowara GLV 80-32-253 Pump

Lowara GLV 80-32-253 Pump This is a far more advanced pump providing the capability to handle larger volumes of water as well as solid matter ranging in size to a maximum of 80mm in diameter. Its robust nature makes it a good choice for industrial applications as well. In domestic settings it is good to have around when there is surface water, flood water or waste water to shift. This is also a cast-iron model that will provide a reliable pump and a long lifespan. If you are likely to need to pump water that has fibres or grit in it as well as solids, the GLV 80-32-253 is capable of dealing with them all.

As you can see it makes sense to consider your needs before you choose a pump. Depending on your situation and demands, one particular pump may prove to be a better purchase than another.

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