KSB Ama Porter

If you need to get rid of domestic sewage or waste water of any kind, you’ll require a quality pump to do the job properly. KSB Ama Porter is a well-known name in this area and there are a number of pumps you can choose from. We’ve reviewed some of them below.

KSB Ama Porter 500 SE

KSB Ama Porter 500 SEThis is a reasonably priced dirty water pump capable of handling domestic sewage of all kinds, including waste water and solid matter. This is one of a range of submersible pumps made of cast iron. It weighs in at 22kg and can cope with a maximum flow of 20 cubic metres per hour. The 500 SE is supplied with an integral with a float. The maximum head is 9.5 metres

KSB Ama Porter 503 SE

KSB Ama Porter 503 SEOne of the main differences between this model and the one above is its capacity. The 500 SE can deliver 8 litres of waste water or sewage per second.. While the item is easy to install it is recommended that all purchasers opt for an installer to handle the job on their behalf. However the simplicity of the waste water pump means installation costs shouldn’t be significant.

KSB Ama Porter 601 NE

KSB Ama Porter 601 NEThis pump is slightly larger than the two models above. As such it can handle an additional 50% with regard to maximum flow each hour. The quality of the materials remains the same throughout the range, which is reassuring when you are considering which of these sewage pumps to buy. The design of the 601 NE is focused on effectiveness, simplicity and ease of use, not to mention offering a long life for the user. This pump would be suitable for situations where flow rate requirements or head to be pumped are higher. Thus the 601 NE may appeal in instances where the previous models would not be powerful enough or have enough capacity.

KSB Ama Porter 602 SE

KSB Ama Porter 602 SEThis submersible pump has the highest capacity in the range. It can handle a maximum flow of 10 litres per second, offering the power and capacity to cope with higher duty application. It can also deliver a maximum head of 16 metres, which is almost twice that of the 500 SE. Thus it is a more powerful option

As you can see you must consider every aspect of the demand the pump will have to cope with, not to mention the demands of the site, before making your purchase.