Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Solutions

Whilst the majority of domestic properties use mains drainage this is not always possible. In this situation a domestic sewage treatment plant provides a practical solution.

Here are five possibilities that can be used in a variety of situations.

WPL Diamond DMS2

WPL Diamond DMS2If you are concerned with running costs this WPL Diamond model might settle your mind. Maintenance is minimal for the DMS2 so there won’t be expensive bills to pay after installation. The unit is installed fully in ground and is therefore unobtrusive. It also performs to a very high standard, meeting all the requirements of current legislation dealing with sewage from up to six people.

Conder ASP06

Conder ASP06Sewage treatment plant cost is a concern for many people. The Conder ASP06 is affordable and can cope with demands of up to six people. It is also ideal if space is limited as the equipment is installed fully in the ground and takes up little space. The absence of moving parts also reduces the risk of problems. De-sludging won’t be needed any more often than every 12 months.

WPL Diamond DMS4

WPL Diamond DMS4Weighing in at 210kg this Diamond treatment plant can handle the demands of a 15 person population. Thus it may well serve two or three properties depending on circumstances. It meets every required industry standard and is simple to install, although professionals are recommended. The entire process takes place underground once the plant has been installed. Nothing is visible except for a small circular cover at the top which has minimal visual impact.

Conder ASP20

Conder ASP20This solution is ideal for more complex requirements where sewage treatment plants need to cater for up to 20 people. It has sufficient capacity to cater for commercial applications as well as residential. It can be provided with an in-built alarm to alert the operator to any problems with the system. De-sludging isn’t normally required more often than annually and it could be required as little as every three years. The Conder ASP range provides a fully in ground quiet and reliable solution.

WPL Diamond DMS5-IPC (with Pumped Outlet)

WPL Diamond DMS5-IPC (with Pumped Outlet)This package sewage treatment plant caters for up to 20 people. It can therefore cope with a wider range of potential sites than the smaller models. The model also comes with a pumped outlet option. The absence of a primary settlement tank eliminates the the risk of odour arising from the equipment, providing greater flexibility of location of the unit.

As you can see, if you are looking to buy a treatment plant it helps if you assess your situation and needs prior to choosing the best plant for you.

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